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How To Buy

Step-By-Step Text & Video Tutorials On How To Trade $PBP

  1. First, you'll need to create a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. You can use a popular wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. We suggest Trust Wallet as this is the easiest method to purchase $PBP

  2. Next, you'll need to purchase some Binance Coin (BNB) as PancakeSwap operates on the Binance Smart Chain. You can buy BNB from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance or Coinbase if you're using Metamask, with Trust Wallet, you can buy BNB directly through the wallet.

  3. After you have bought BNB, send it to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet address. If you're doing this through Trust Wallet, it will be automatically sent to your wallet after purchasing.

  4. Once your BNB is in your wallet, go to PancakeSwap's website ( through the browser in your wallet and connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet" at the top right corner of the screen.

  5. After connecting your wallet, you can now select the cryptocurrency you want to buy by clicking on the "Trade" tab at the top of the screen, and then clicking on "Exchange."

  6. In the "Exchange" tab, enter the contract address for $PBP Powerbomb Pay which is 0x26aEB98c23359fD87cCcaAFd136B4013A9699056, select the token and then enter the amount you want to buy.

  7. Once you've entered the amount, the system will automatically calculate the price in BNB. If you're satisfied with the price, click on "Swap" to proceed.

  8. Confirm the transaction details and click "Confirm Swap" to complete the transaction.

  9. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. Once it's confirmed, the $PBP you bought will be deposited into your wallet.

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