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👑King Coin👑

Welcome to the Kingdom of God and King Coin. King Coin is a project on the BSC run by Christians that looks to help fight the homelessness problem in the world. A portion of all investments goes toward helping our mission to help feed, clothe and house homeless people all over the globe. We're all about philanthropy here and making a difference, people helping people while growing their investment.

With 6% token redistribution to holders, hodling $KingC lets you feel like you've reached the heavens knowing you're earning on every transaction.

King Coin has 1% buyback and burn on every transaction deflating the total supply and eventually increasing the price of the token.

3% of every King Coin transaction is sent to the marketing/aid wallet. This wallet will be used solely to grow and provide funding to the project allowing us to attract new investors and aid the homeless.



Working through God, we are armed with the power to fight homelessness through investing!

King Coin is the beginning of our work. Aiding the homeless in the world is something we have wanted to do for a long time, now we've managed to make our project a reality.

As God fearing Christians, we walk by faith as we carry out His plan for us through our project you can learn about in our Whitepaper. It will take a community working together to pull it off but we can do our part in making sure we help out our fellow brothers and sisters without homes, struggling.

Join our Telegram to stay up to date and engage in world changing conversations.

Have you heard of tithing? A tithe is a portion of your income given as an offering to the local church. Here you can consider tithing as your investment, a percentage is taken off and helps others while it grows over time.

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Telegram Community

Our Telegram community will be one of the best. Properly moderated for only good quality content, come meet other Kings



Twitter Talk

Join us on Twitter where the creator shares his thoughts and project updates.



Discord Server

Join our Discord and share with the community your thoughts, memes and more.

Our Whitepaper will explain the project from A-Z; the religious aspect, how we will grow your investment, our plan to tackle homelessness, the Christians behind the project. All info can be found within.

Please Note: OWNERSHIP of the contract has been RENOUNCED. No changes can be made to the contract meaning buy and sell will always work and tax will always remain at 10%.


👑Buy King Coin👑

Contract Address On PancakeSwap. BNB Pairing Only:


If you're familiar with Trust Wallet and Metamask and connecting to Pancakeswap, scroll down, we have Pancakeswap embedded on our site for easy purchase.

How To Buy King Coin (KINGC) on Android:

  • ‍Download and install the Trust Wallet app for Android.

  • Click the DApps button at the base of the screen to access the DApps browser.

  • Scroll down and click on PancakeSwap under either the 'Popular' or 'DEFI' category.

  • Click the 'Connect' button to connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.

  • First, ensure you have some BNB Smart Chain in your wallet for gas fee this can be transferred in from Binance or bought through Trust Wallet.

  • To create a trade, ensure that your wallet is in 'Swap' mode.

  • In the First frame, use the dropdown button to select the ASSET that you want to sell, that would be BNB Smart Chain. Enter the quantity to sell. 

  • In the Second frame, use the dropdown button to select the crypto asset you want to buy, you will have to manually add KINGC by pasting our contract address: 0x01F8A66c184399cf22CFE38def6b14623b9cD79D and then adding our token. The equivalent quantity of tokens you will get by selling the quantity in the previous step will be automatically calculated on the Underneath. 

  • Click the Settings cog and change the slippage to 13%.

  • Click on 'Swap', if you have never traded the token selected in 'From', you will first be asked to approve the token.

  • Click 'Confirm Swap' below the next screen.

  • Finally, on the next screen, click 'Approve'.

How To Buy King Coin (KINGC) For iOS Devices

  • On your iOS mobile browser, enter the address

  • Click the 'Connect' button

  • Select WalletConnect

  • Under WalletConnect, select Trust Wallet as the preferred wallet.

  • Tap 'Open'.

  • Click 'Connect' to connect your Trust Wallet app to PancakeSwap dApp through WalletConnect.

  • Trading on PancakeSwap in iOS almost follows the same routine as Android's. The only difference is: your PancakeSwap dApp is open on the mobile browser. Hence, you will start the trade on the browser and intermittently be prompted to switch between the browser and TrustWallet to approve and complete the transaction. 

  • If this is your first time making a trade, you will need to approve the usage of Trust Wallet, which may cost a small fee. All transactions will need multiple approvals.

  • Again, click 'Open' to connect your Trust Wallet app to PancakeSwap dApp through WalletConnect.


Charitable Causes

King Coin (KINGC) was created to reward holders by knowing that a portion of their investment is going to help someone. King Coin will use the marketing/aid wallet to grow the project beginning with getting out there and helping our local homeless first this winter by visiting tent encampments that are set up around the city, known areas where they sleep and the homeless we randomly pass by and providing them with clothes, food, perishable goods, gift cards, drinks all  to help, along with blessings and prayer. Everyone is a part of God's Kingdom and they deserve castles on Earth as in Heaven, let's do our part to and fight homelessness worldwide! 

Stained Glass


A Blockchain Project From Christians Making A Difference!

King Coin will be the people's chosen currency. We will push for adoption, our ecosystem will change the world and we will help others. Our Royal holders (Kings) are rewarded for holding and our buyback/burn deflates circulating supply eventually leading to the tokens you're holding becoming priceless. Sometimes you have to give to recieve and with our project, we give to the most needy, the homeless.


King Coin In Numbers



Initial Supply


Burned At Launch


Holder Rewards




Buyback & Burn


Locked LP

Star Badge


Revealed Soon - Our
Philanthropy Ecosystem

Each project in our Royal Coin ecosystem will benefit a humanitarian cause. There will be 4 in total. We believe big in philanthropy and believe Cryptocurrency is the way to help even out the gaps in the wealth classes. From peasantry to royalty!

Royal Coins will change Cryptocurrency as a whole, to be all about benefiting others while growing investments! Enough selfishness, let's share the wealth with others who aren't as well off as we are.


👑Our Royal Partners👑


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