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Welcome To The Elite Ice Warriors EASHL Hockey League

Compete In A Bring Your Own Club/Draft 4s League

Compete to be the best!

Puck Dropped On Our Inaugural Season April 19th, 2024

Join As A Free Agent Or Sign Up Your Club For Next Season Below


Welcome to Elite Ice Warriors EASHL Hockey League, THE destination for NHL 24 video game fans who are passionate about hockey. Sign up now to compete in a bring your own club & draft 4s league in the EIWHL complete with stats, leaderboards, and more. This league is for New Gen only! Try to put together team of superstars and raise your banner to the roof of the Champions Lounge.


Experience the Best of EA NHL 24 Hockey

At Elite Ice Warriors EASHL Hockey League, we offer the best gaming experience for hockey fans looking for a competitive edge. Our league offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so you can be sure you're getting the best experience possible.

Our League


The EIWHL New Gen 4s League is where the best of the best come to compete. Join now and compete with the top players in the EASHL on New Gen consoles (Xbox Series, PS5)

Elite Ice Warriors

Where Legends are Forged on the Frozen Battlefield

Lace up your virtual skates and sharpen your digital blades because you've just stepped onto the hallowed ice of the Elite Ice Warriors League—a place where passion, competition, and camaraderie collide in the pursuit of virtual glory.

At the Elite Ice Warriors, we're more than just a league; we're a community of hockey fanatics, united by our love for the game. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the virtual rink or a newcomer looking to make a name for yourself, you've found your home among the Ice Warriors.


The Quest for Greatness:

Our league is not just about wins and losses; it's about the journey. We provide a platform where players of all skill levels can come together, improve their game, and challenge themselves to reach new heights. The Elite Ice Warriors League is where dreams are realized, rivalries are born, and champions are crowned.

League Highlights:

Structured Competition: We offer a meticulously organized league structure with fair team formations and comprehensive rules, ensuring competitive and thrilling gameplay.

Daily Leaderboards: Witness your rise to fame with our daily-updated leaderboards, tracking your stats and ranking among the league's elite.

EASHL League: Team up and play with a squad to conquer the ice and take the top spot on our leaderboard.

Prizes and Rewards: Compete for glory and bragging rights and occasional prizes.

Join the Elite Ice Warriors:


Ready to join the ranks of the Elite Ice Warriors? It's simple:

1. Register for the league, once you register add yourself to the Discord.
2. We have reached 6 teams, we'll add new members as free agents during the first season then add new teams for the next season. We will always be growing.

3. Dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of hockey, right from your console.


The puck is in your rink. Are you ready to become an Ice Warrior?


Stay in the loop, chat with fellow players, and get the latest updates by joining our Forum. Follow us on social media for all things Elite Ice Warriors.

Now, grab your controller, embrace the icy battlefield, and let the games begin!

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