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Hockey Stick and Puck

League Rules

Season 1 Underway, 6 Teams, 36 games each. Captains work with their opposing Captain to schedule 2 three game series within a 7 day week, 4 Vs. 4.

**League-Wide Settings:**


**3 Minute Periods** All games will be played in private matches and have 3 minute periods. Server selection will be by the home team.

**Default Rules** All games will be played with the default rules, no deviations.

**Gameplay Rules:**


**In-Game/Discord Conduct:** Maintain good sportsmanship in all aspects of the league. Unsportsmanlike conduct, harassment, or offensive language is not tolerated and may result in penalties or bans.

**Exploits and Glitches:** Do not exploit game glitches or cheats. Any player found doing so will face disqualification and potential expulsion from the league. You know what we mean, no boomerang goals, no speed glitching.

**Substitutions:** Substituting players during a match is not allowed unless both teams agree before the game begins. Substitutes can be non-registered members of the league as long as games get played, their stats will count in case they decide to stay.

**Game Settings:** Ensure that all games are played with the league-approved settings and rules. Any deviations should be agreed upon by both teams before the match. Any controls can be used and game settings must be default.

**Forfeits and Rescheduling:**


For EASHL: If, for any reason, a team cannot field a full roster at the agreed-upon time, the following rules apply:

  1. The team unable to field a minimum 4 players in the match will forfeit, if you need a free agent, please let the owner know.

  2. It is crucial to adhere to the scheduled match time, and mutual respect for the agreed-upon timing is expected from all teams.


**Rescheduling:** In the event of scheduling conflicts or unexpected circumstances, teams can request a reschedule with their opponents. Reschedules must be agreed upon at least 24 hours in advance and communicated to league administrators.

Players have 15 mins from the start time to be present in the lobby. No shows will be automatic losses.

**Match Reporting:**

**Streamed Matches:** All league matches should be streamed, choose one person to stream and share the link in Discord. Screenshots must be taken of the results, this includes the stats at the end of the game in Player Summary for tracking purposes.

**Reporting Results:** Teams are responsible for reporting match results, including scores and any issues encountered, to league administrators in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in untracked stats.

**Disconnects and Technical Issues:**

**6 Goal Mercy Rule** - Teams may quit if they trail by 6 goals. These quits will be forgiven but get good lol.

**Disconnect Verification:** In the case of disconnects or technical issues, players must provide sufficient proof (e.g., screenshots, videos) to validate the reason. Disconnections due to power outages or EA server issues will lead to match restarts or rescheduling.

**Match Continuation:** If a game disconnects but is deemed valid for continuation, it will resume from the point of disconnection with the same score, time, and players as before. The remaining time on the clock will be the amount of time played in the restart.


**Additional Notes:**

**League Communication:** Stay engaged with league communications, including forums, Discord, and announcements on the league website. These platforms will be used for scheduling matches, discussing rule updates, and other league-related matters. Make sure to check the Discord for scheduling and matches. All forms of communication and trash talk are ok in there as long as racism and sexuality are kept out.

**Fair Play and Integrity:** Teams and players are expected to uphold the values of fair play, integrity, and respect for fellow competitors at all times. Cheating or exploiting the system will not be tolerated.

**Rule Amendments:** The league administrators reserve the right to amend or modify league rules and regulations as needed. Any changes will be communicated to all participants in advance.

**League Communication:**

**Forums or Discord:** Our Discord will be the active way to communicate in the league.

**Active Participation:** We encourage all users to actively participate in league-related discussions and scheduling efforts. Lack of participation will lead to your removal from the League.

**Community Forum Guidelines:**

**Respectful Communication:** We encourage respectful and constructive discussions while discouraging personal attacks and offensive language.

From your Commish, Andrew Holness, GT: TazzFalcon

Last updated: April 14th, 2024

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