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Meet The Powerbomb Pay Team

The Great Minds Behind This Revolutionary blockchain/cryptocurrency project

Years ago, I had created 2 Cryptocurrencies, they had no use case, they were meme coins with a charity aspect. They were successful, one hitting 25 million market cap. they're still around but as most meme coins do besides a couple successful ones, they die down. During this time, I spent a long time thinking of what industry lacks blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. What industry would be around forever, that could use a new payment method, that could have multiple use cases? What industry am I passionate about and have been a fan since 1989? 


It hit me that the professional wrestling industry could use more blockchain influence. I mean the biggest wrestling company in the world turned to NFTs at one point so clearly there is a connection between Cryptocurrency and Pro Wrestling already. But how could we incorporate cryptocurrency into professional wrestling and how could it be used in a way that solves a problem. With millions... And millions of fans around the world, $PBP could be revolutionary in how wrestling enthusiasts around the world interact with each other. With low transaction fees users can easily transfer $PBP between each other for purchases, bartering or if you're out of town, let's say you're from Sweden in the USA for a once in a lifetime wrestling event, you won't need to switch your currency over, just use $PBP, an international currency that doesn't need conversion to be used. 

I brought the idea to a couple other Blockchain developers and we sat down and brainstormed all the pros, cons, and uses for the Cryptocurrency and built a project around it, Powerbomb Pay was born. With new project aspects like easy access to independent wrestling stars and sales of exclusive tickets and merchandise, the project is coming along nicely and in a timely fashion. View the development teams profiles below and shoot them a message if you appreciate everything they're doing for the wrestling and crypto communities.

The Team


Andrew Holness/Ninja Dev/

Creator/Head Of Development


Papa Toppa

Chief Operating Officer


Steve Kerry

Chief Finance Officer

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